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Skyjack manufactures a full range of aerial work platforms and telehandlers. Our two vertical mast lifts compliment an established lineup of electric on-slab scissor lifts and rough terrain scissors lifts.

All machines feature common relay based control systems with color coded and numbered wiring. Functions and operation are similar on all machines. Platform heights range from 12’ to 50’.

A growing boom lineup features both articulating and telescopic boom lifts. Similar to its scissor lifts, Skyjack booms also feature a relay based control system with color coded and numbered wiring. All machines are also feature and axle based drive system.

Rounding out its product lineup are Skyjack’s telehandler models – with lift capacities ranging from 6,000lbs to 20,000 lbs.

Skyjack offers a range of ACCESSORYZERS™ products to further expand a given product's adaptability and your power to offer a truly flexible rental choice.

Skyjack aerial work platforms are world renowned for product reliability.


Having equipment with features and functionality that allow you and your customers to do more is a vital part of the utilization equation. Skyjack offers a range of accessory products to further expand a given product's adaptability and your power to offer a truly flexible rental choice.
Skyjack’s mechanical “axle based” drive system gives positive traction and excellent rough ground “terrain-ability’. This is achieved using an automatic or manual (model dependent) locking differential on the rear axle and limited slip differential on the front axle. This means machines can climb grades of up to 30% in the case of Rough Terrain Scissors Lifts, and 50% in the case of Boom Lifts. This industry leading terrain capability means one can use the Skyjack Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts and Boom Lifts in the most challenging of conditions.
At the heart of every Skyjack machine, proven and simplistic control systems using Skyjack’s colour coded and numbered wiring system make our machines the easiest to trouble shoot and repair. – Black #14 is for the lift function on a 3219, and it is lift on a 63AJ. Using an analog based control system allows Skyjack AWPs to operate using a simplified system with fewer and less expensive components – less maintenance and lower costs.
A unique boom feature only utilized by Skyjack - the Boom Lift drive function operates in accordance with the general orientation of the turret’s counterweight over the chassis (i.e. joystick forward = counterweight facing forward). This provides intuitive operation by allowing the unit to move in the general direction of the joystick’s movement.
A unique feature found on Skyjack’s articulating boom lift. It ensures that the riser and main pivot point connecting the fly boom to the riser travel in a straight vertical line. Movement in a true vertical manner, without drifting forward or back, reduces the amount of repositioning the operator needs to do in order to stay close to a building façade.
Skyjack’s Articulated Boom Lifts feature a boom geometry that allows the operator to lower the main fly boom to ground level to restock on material or supplies then return to full height at the original working position - without lowering the riser section. This functionality adds to the versatility and productivity of Skyjack’s Articulating Boom Lifts, especially as it can be quickly executed and there is no need for machine repositioning or having to remember the sequence of operations to get back to the original working position.
Skyjacks yoke mounted lifting hook is fitted as standard on TH series telehandlers. With capacities that match the maximum lift capability of the telehandler the hook allows the safe underslinging of loads and avoids the practice of using the forks as an underslung lifting device.
Skyjack’s TH series telehandlers innovative cab design means that operators cab that can be converted from an open to enclosed design and vice versa. With conversion is possible by a rental company in their yard this provides increased flexibility and utilization particularly with changing customer demands and fleet planning and movement.
Skyjack’s TH series of telehandlers use a smaller engine that has been engineered to provide the necessary torque and hydraulic performance found in large engines. This provides the benefit of lower acquisition costs and the employment of minimal emission controlling modules that otherwise are both expensive and complicated. SMARTORQUE™ means no diesel particulate filter (DPF), no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and no other active exhaust after treatment on standard engines for Tier IV Final.


The SJ30 AJE/ARJE and SJ6832 RTE models use a motor controller system for function operation


November 27, 2018
bauma China
February 17, 2019
The Rental Show, Booth 4537


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