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Fri 2016-10-28

Wow! It is amazing how quickly the world moves. It seems like only yesterday, it was August and I was not traveling and had lots of time to organize my thoughts for this blog!

Now, here we are deep in October, and I am wondering where the last two months have gone! I will try to recap.

Looking back, I note that I have been to Oregon, Michigan, Miami and Austria since I last wrote anything. Fewer places than I remembered, but enough travel for a couple of months. We also managed to host some of the industry press, a variety of customers played in the Canadian Rental Association golf tournament, and to close up our quarter I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving in South Beach, preparing to speak at the ALH conference the next day.

Trio of hits

I attended three conferences over the past couple of months and they were all wonderful networking and informational opportunities. The first, an internal meeting within Linamar with the Focused Aligned Strategy Team (FAST) ensured that we are all aligned and moving in the same direction as a corporation, and ready to accept any challenge and opportunity the future may bring. 

After that, the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) conference in Vienna, Austria, was very informative and a great way to reinvigorate my European industry relationships and continue to learn more about our industry as a whole. There were many enlightening presentations, and I would recommend you to check them out and download them at:

The Access Lift and Handlers (ALH) conference and awards in Miami, Florida, was a star studded affair, with some of the titans of the American rental business speaking, and somehow, me as well. The day was full of understanding new technology and how it is, can, and will impact the rental model. Beyond that there were a variety of other great topics on the need for infrastructure funding from Association of Equipment Manufacturer’s I Make America campaign, rental metrics and what they reveal about the rental market trends, along with how the new ANSI standard will impact rental companies, users and manufacturers. These presentations will also be available online at:

Not that everyone cares either, but throughout all that traveling I was able to get in many nights of karaoke. In Vienna we saw some new industry stars shine! You know who you are! Then Miami was a similar experience. For two nights, with the bar to ourselves, up to 30 ALH conference attendees were rocking it out at any one time. Can you say group sing?!? Then, of course, I made it back from Miami just in time to hit the Skyjack karaoke party with more and more home grown talent coming out of the woodwork! Oh, and I almost forgot the commanding performance at the Linamar FAST conference where my pal Chan and I sang Sweet Caroline and Hello (the classic by Lionel Ritchie and not the more current Adele version) to the thunderous applause of our corporate counterparts.

Hollywood, here we come!

In October, we took some time to enjoy the company of our work mates and do some team building on the front lawn. We have not done this for a few years, and I was surprised to see that our staff had increased by 60%! We were bursting at the seams of the facility that we ate lunch in. Ultimately, we ended up on the lawn, in our superhero team uniforms doing all kinds of silly things and getting to know one another much better. The team that plays together is SIMPLE, RELIABLE and EASY to do BUSINESS WITH together!

Skyjack has arrived! Or is it something else? Take a peek at the movie trailer for Arrival to see a Skyjack RT scissor making its debut performance! It was a bit of a stretch and a little out of character, but I think Skyjack nailed the part! And before you ask, yes, there was a risk assessment regarding how to use the unit properly in advance of first contact with an unknown alien race! Check out the feature film, opening on November 11!

And shortly after Skyjack meets the extraterrestrials, we will remain firmly on terra firma and meet with customers from all over the globe at bauma China! Skyjack will have an ever expanding presence at this show, with staff from all over Asia, Australia, Europe and North America attending! Come and see us in Shanghai!



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