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Measurable Benefits.
More than Telematics.
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ELEVATE follows a mobile first philosophy.
In a fast moving environment with a wide variety of roles, any solution needs to go beyond just telematics.
We have embraced mobile applications that ELEVATE safety, productivity, and utilization for our customers.
An integrated solution for your entire fleet and one that follows Skyjack’s simple and reliable philosophy.

This is only the beginning…

Flexibility First

ELEVATE streamlines your existing business model, rather than building a new one.
We've listened to what's important to our customers’ business and are providing a solution that has an immediate impact.
Increased utilization, better planned service, precision billing, and monitored usage to promote safety, are some of the ways that ELEVATE delivers real value.
ELEVATE enables rental fleets to talk to your service team, your ERP, the end user, and most importantly, your bottom line.

Powered by Trackunit means ultimate flexibility and ease of integration.
Whether you’re looking at telematics for the first time, or run advanced systems from an API feed,
the robust Trackunit ecosystem ensures that our customers benefit from ELEVATE out of the gate.

Let’s get to work

If work is being done, machines are being used. True visibility to machine utilization can be achieved through connecting the operator to the machine.
This provides the operator with digitally tracked operating time and eliminates manual paper processes from job sites.
This helps our industry get to work quicker, safer, and more efficiently.

Get your hands on it

A mobile industry with mobile roles requires a solution designed for mobile access.
The same critical data available in ELEVATE Manager is delivered with a mobile first interface to smart devices.
ELEVATE GO gives immediate access to critical data, whenever, wherever.


Connects rental fleets directly to your rental software (ERP) to make maintenance and billing processes more efficient and effective with live machine data.

Transmits data every 15 minutes
Data delivered by Trackunit IRIS API
Data access requires existing ERP software. (Data-only package)
Choice of 36 or 60-month packages

A full suite of tools to manage a connected fleet. Benefit from direct data + ELEVATE Manager, Go and ON apps.

ELEVATE Manager and GO apps
Set alerts for machine operations or business rules to notify the right personnel in real time (SMS, Email)
Generate up to the minute reports, giving you actionable insights to better your business
Transmits data every 2/15 minutes or on I/O
Includes Direct data to ERP
Choice of 12, 36, or 60-month packages

All the benefits of Engage + Access Control with Dual ID II keypad. Engage + Access protects your assets and helps provide a safer work site.

Prevent machine ignition by unauthorized personnel
Limit machine access through PIN codes, or RFID cards (remotely programmable through ELEVATE Manager)
Set auto expiring access codes to correspond to rental terms
Dual ID II hardware is IP69 rated
Works with IPAF PAL smart card for quick RFID access to machines

More information

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