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The new Deutz 2.9L Tier 4 diesel engines are capable of providing the technician with a flash code for engine diagnostics to assist the technician when a computer is not available. The platform and base control panels are equipped with a warning light display to alert the operator of problems.

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The electrical circuit terminal blocks used in the Skyjack Aerial Work Platforms are a method to neatly and securely terminate wires of the same circuit at a common point. Each terminal block can hold four conductors of the same circuit. Each block is attached to a metal rail mounted to the panel or control box and are ‘stacked’ side by side to form one terminal strip assembly.

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The joystick on our Vertical Mast and Electric Scissor lifts have two outputs. One output is a system voltage output to operate the pump motor, valve coils, and relays. The other output is the speed, or proportional signal. This is a variable output signal relating to the speed desired for the function.

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Many of the engines we use in our scissorlift and boomlift models utilize a simple pull solenoid to operate the engine throttle and choke. The solenoid consists of a steel plunger that is placed inside a wound coil of copper wire. When this coil is energized, a magnetic field is produced which draws the plunger into the magnetic field. The other end of the plunger is connected to the throttle or choke lever to be operated.

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It is important to ensure that when performing maintenance or a repair procedure, any hoses or electrical cables that may have been replaced or moved be returned to their original positions. As the equipment is operated, the hoses and cables flex and bend, and without proper support, this action causes a straining and pulling tension on them. The use of support clamps, cable ties, along with using the correct fittings and correct hose and cable lengths minimizes or eliminates this tension to help ensure a long life.

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The Skyjack engine powered rough terrain scissorlift and boomlift models can be equipped with a hydraulic generator option to supply AC power to the platform. Some boomlift models can be equipped with a welder package option to power a small welder in the platform.

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The Skyjack Vertical Mast models SJ12 and SJ16 feature a traversing platform that allows the operator to extend the platform when elevated and safely reach a larger area without repositioning the machine. The platform can also be fully extended into the service position which provides a means of access to the hydraulic/electric compartment in the base to allow a technician to service the unit.

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An often overlooked spot on the Skyjack electric powered scissor lifts is the A.C. interlock connection. It is located at the rear of the battery charger and is labeled as AC Interlock. If the label is missing, look for two 14 GA. wires (one black/one white) leading to a white connector.

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On the rare occasion that a Skyjack product has a problem, the service technician may need information to help troubleshoot and repair the machine. Just call Skyjack Product Support at 1-800-275-9522, and follow the prompts to get to technical support. Skyjack employs field experienced technicians that are able to answer questions and assist with any issue that you may have regarding your Skyjack product.

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When troubleshooting any problem, it is essential that you know how the function works in order to be able to fix it. Outrigger inspection procedures can be found in the applicable operating manual for the serial number of the unit you are working on, as well as the Service Advisory dated September 1, 2010.

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